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27-Aug-06, 02:20
moderator in a kilt

Jeid you have to be the funniest military two step dancer I've ever seen

& the best man that wasn't about for auld lang syne.........................traditional wedding thang has gone, gone, gone

a good night though, & a blast of a gig


27-Aug-06, 08:58
Pentland by any chance?

27-Aug-06, 12:20
I knew this would get a mention on here.

Auld lang syne? I was in bed drunk by that time I reckon. Very good band though.

My dodgy dancing skills are... very dodgy!

Was in the Pentland indeed!

27-Aug-06, 12:53
I was suposed to be there but due to the fact I had a nasty sickness and diorea bug I did not think it would be a good idea to go [evil] . Wife and bairns were there though and had a great time without me :lol: . Bah humbug not happy about missing my cousins wedding.

27-Aug-06, 18:18
You're related to her? Weird, I live with her!

28-Aug-06, 01:18
:lol: whats the weird bit being related or living with her LOL!!

28-Aug-06, 02:31
Both I reckon! :D

28-Aug-06, 02:36
Brave seeing as she will be away on honeymoon LOL

29-Aug-06, 12:38
Yes, may I just say that it was a good gig for all-round entertainment.

Great dancy crowd to play to. I'd rather a dodgy stylistic rendition of any dance than no dancing at all!! (I'd I get to see lots of that too).

Though I'm not so sure of your knobby knees Jeid!!!!:confused

That its taking things just a little too far for my taste . . . . !!

29-Aug-06, 13:57
Ach weel there would have been some good dancers too, My Auntie and Uncle do a good Military 2 Step. Me I can only normally manage the last lager waltz or a good old barn dance stagger from the days of thurdistoft and georgemas dances. :lol:

29-Aug-06, 14:13
lol last lagger waltz great tune and it's even funnier watching some1 do it