View Full Version : Battlefield: Bad Company2

Niall Fernie
19-Feb-11, 23:58
OK, so after many many hours of installation (I'll recant the story if you buy me a couple of beers) I've been playing it.

Ditched the solo missions after one too many confusing cut-scenes and went multiplayer.

I have to say I'm loving it. Sure my k/d ratio is very bad and I don't like people skilled in the art of tank warfare but hey a bit of C4 and I'm happy again.

Anyone else play this?

21-Feb-11, 14:44
Yeah got it for PS3 and xbox,play the xbox version more,absolutely blows black ops out the water in my opinion.Yeah its hard I have notched up 50 odd hours and am still only rank 25 only half way!!!Cant wait for Battlefield 3 is autumn.

Anyone else play this on the 360? Could do with getting a few of us in a squad.

AngusK2 if you want to add me