View Full Version : Viewfirth gig???

27-Sep-04, 22:54
When is the gig with Boss Hogg and some other band in the viewfirth happening?

Presumably before the viewfirth gets sold off for development i suppose.

Anyone know the date etc?

As a local rock lynchpin i MUST be there!

J Wishbone
28-Sep-04, 09:11
Hi samcant.

The gig is taking place on the 23rd of October. You should be seeing posters around very soon Tickets ae on sale at the music shop for £3. You can also buy them from any of the bands or on th door. The line up for the night is:-

Plastic Food
Fear of Faith
Crimson Tide
Boss Hogg

Doors open at 7pm and it should finish no later than half ten, so plenty of time to head down the street and get charged double te normal price for a dram by Cardossi.

Hope to see you there,


04-Oct-04, 22:32
Barry? As in Barry Gordon??????????? Surely not.

Anyway, i'll be there.

The Estrella chaps and i will be hunkered down in the studio recording their smash hit ep, but no doubt we'll take a break and come along and check out some quality tunes from Tha Hogg n' co.

Lookin forward to it!

22-Oct-04, 17:07
yeah i'll be lurkin round there n all no doubt drunk :p

24-Oct-04, 11:08
a big well done to all the boys who played. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and i hope the Boss Hogg lads keep up the good work.

24-Oct-04, 21:05
I wasn't too keen on a band that will remain nameless - but Crimson Tide came up trumps with Saviour :D

It was a very enjoyable evening - I hope that there'll be another concert of the sorts again in the not too distant future.