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18-Feb-11, 16:23
Accused swore at teacher and threatened her

A CLASSROOM lesson was rudely interrupted when two drink-fuelled teenagers barged in and began swearing.
They left the room at Wick High School and, when taken to task, one of them piped down. But the other youth, Peter O’ Hare reacted by swearing at staff and threatened to slap a female teacher.
The rector attempted to intervene but the accused barged past him and left the building, shouting and swearing
At Wick Sheriff Court, today, O’ Hare, 17, got a telling off from Sheriff Andrew Berry who said it was a “serious matter” and added: “People in public service are entitled to be treated with respect. So far as I can make out you were not supposed to be in the school.”
Sentence was deferred on O’ Hare , of Bridge Street, Halkirk, until December 14 when the sheriff will see reports. He admitted a breach of the peace which occurred on December 14.