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18-Feb-11, 15:29
Detention for ‘disgraceful’ attack on woman
A SHERIFF condemned a teenager’s “disgraceful and outrageous” attack on a stranger in Thurso and today sentenced him to six months detention.
Angelo Begg who appeared from custody at Wick Sheriff Court, today, was said to have met the assault victim, by chance, as they made their respective ways home in Thurso, in the early hours of December 12.
They had both been drinking and struck up a conversation which deteriorated and led to Begg losing his temper and suddenly lashing out, striking the woman on her head.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said that the woman fell to the ground and was kicked once by the accused, causing her to scream. He said that Begg, a charity shop worker, realised what he had done, became frightened and ran away. However, householders, who witnessed the incident, identified Begg, and reported him to the police. The woman was treated in hospital for minor injuries.
The court was told that Begg, of Beach Court, Thurso, had had a fallout with a family member on the day in question and this had been “praying on his mind” at the time of the assault.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a social inquiry report, told the 19-year old: “This was a disgraceful and outrageous assault on a completely unknown person and, when she fell to the ground, you kicked her. It would appear that the attack stopped, only because the woman screamed.”
The sheriff added that Begg , who admitted the assault, had been given various non-custodial sentences in the past and there was now, no alternative to detention.

Second kicking assault accused jailed
In a separate assault case, a woman and her companions decide to leave a party after an exchange of views between her and Douglas Wilkie, at his home.
As they were making their way along Barrogill Street, Wick, 26-year-old Wilkie caught up with them and pulled the woman to the ground and kicked her once on the head.
Solicitor Haseeba Tariq told the court that the accused had been in a drug-induced state at the time and was in an “aggressive” mood. Wilkie’s pregnant girlfriend had issued him with an ultimatum that he must be drug free before she would take him back and the accused was desperate to comply. He had been attempting to address the habit and an alcohol addiction while in prison.
Wilkie, of Macrae Street, Wick, admitted the assault which occurred on January 19.
Sheriff Berry, who commented on Wilkie’s “appalling” record and the high risk of him re-offending, imposed a prison sentence of eight months.