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26-Aug-06, 16:07
All over the world in the streets of our cities,
Cold hungry children are lost and alone,
Lost and despairing with no-one to guide them,
No friends or family and no place called home.
Nobody cares about the fate of these chidren,
In some cities today they are shot down like dogs,
Treated like vermin for the crime of survival,
By people who think they're on the same side as God.

All over the world the bullets are flying,
Man killing man for no reason but hate,
In the twentyfirst century, a time of great progress,
Once more on the threshold of war's hungry gate.
The bombs will be falling and innocents dying,
As Old Mother Earth screams with the pain,
But the men of great power with their hands on the trigger,
Are not the ones who are really to blame.

We gave the power to these mad potiticians,
And we have the power to take it away,
We are their soldiers, the men of their armies,
and we do not have to do what they say,
If one child is hungry it is one child too many,
In this time of great plenty no-one should starve,
There is no-one to turn to and no-one to guide us,
The steps we must take, must come from the heart.

07-Sep-06, 22:06
I enjoyed that - the truth rings clear...

07-Sep-06, 23:05
Thank you Gleber2.

John Bell, minister of the Church of Scotland and musician in association with the Iona Community, has observed that the American music culture has lost the protest component that was so alive and singing in the 60's and 70's. Fortunately, there are pockets where the musical protest still lives in Western culture.