View Full Version : Assault accused had too much to drink

15-Feb-11, 11:18
Punched nightclub steward

A DOOR steward got an unexpected reaction when she attempted to retrieve a glass from a patron standing outside a Thurso nightclub.
The patron, Adam Allan, of Braal Terrace, Halkirk, took exception to the request and punched Celeste Sinclair twice, Wick Sheriff Court was told yesterday. (Monday)
Allan, a 22-year-old first offender, admitted the assault, which occurred outside Skinandis, on December 27. His solicitor, Neil Wilson, said that the accused had had “far too much to drink” although he added that this was no excuse for his conduct which was out of character.
Sheriff Andrew Berry deferred sentence for reports, until March 14, commenting that an excess of alcohol could never be an excuse for any crime.

Struck passing teenager

A MAN came rushing out of his house and punched a teenager, the court heard. Alan Gray was said to have been plagued by youngsters kicking and banging the front door of his house in Huddart Street, Wick, and wrongly thought the teenager was responsible.
However, the 15-year-old girl was blameless and just happened to be passing at the time, about 9pm, on November 14.
Gray,25, of Owen Place, Wick, admitted a charge of assault and had sentence deferred until March 4, for reports.