View Full Version : Something a little special for St Valentine's Day

14-Feb-11, 21:10
When love is as cool as a cucumber
WHAT did your true love charm you with today... a bunch of traditional red roses?... box of chocs...or were you whisked away for a romantic weekend.
I suppose these tokens of love are all very well, but for something really different, you’ll go a long way before you’ll find a surprise as cool as A CUCUMBER!
It’s not my idea, but one launched specially for St Valentine’s Day by leading store Sainsbury’s. They are selling heart-shaped cucumbers specially grown for today’s big day, would you believe.
Listen to their sales plug by a store spokeswoman: “We hope this year’s fun love cucumber will get hearts racing whether it’s in a romantic packed lunch or a lovingly prepared salad”.
Hearts pounding?.
Imagine the scene... the lights are low, the table is set, and, for some totally unimaginable reason you have opted for a salad. Your eyes meet in the candlelight and you join hands over the table.
Darling, I have got you something really special this year and, what’s more, it won’t interfere with your diet.
Shut your eyes...now open them. It’s there...there on your plate...the cucumber. Not, just any old cucumber...it’s heart-shaped. Yes, I thought it would take your breath away.
Loved one rises. “You have 30 seconds to come up with the real Valentine’s Day gift or you’ll be needing the cucumber to refresh a couple of black eyes.”
Difficult to know what you can come up with in half-a-minute... What about a heart-shaped tomato! Well, it's red.