View Full Version : Five constables required to detain HIV threat woman

14-Feb-11, 17:35
Tried to bite police claiming she was HIV positive.

A WOMAN attempted to bite police trying to detain her, saying she was HIV positive and would infect them, Wick Sheriff Court was told today.
Donna McPhee resisted to such an extent that it took five officers to bring her under control.
She admitted assaulting a constable and behaving in an abusive and threatening manner.
The court was told that McPhee,35, took exception to being arrested by police investgating a disturbance in Girnigoe Street, Wick, on January 6, and kicked constable Fiona MacKintosh.
The accused continued to struggle after being taken to the local police station where she made her HIV bite bid.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said: “I am pleased to say that it got no further than an attempt.”
However, he stated, that the threat was repeated and this caused the officers to handle the situation more cautiously than they would have otherwise done, and five of them were required to bring McPhee under control.
The case was continued until March 14 when Sheriff Andrew Berry will see background reports and hear from defence solicitor Jo MacDnald. A curfew was imposed on McPhee of Girnogie Street, meantime.