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25-Aug-06, 15:46
Here is a cake from either Turkey or Greece that my Cypriot mother-in-law makes, it is awesome.

Just remember to use the one cup/glass for all the measurements.


pre-heat oven
F Gas C
375 4 190

prepare syrup

2 cups sugar
3 cups cold water
boil with a cinnamon stick
and a couple of cloves


1 cup sugar
1 cup sunflower/corn oil
4 eggs beaten
3 cups semolina
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 small carton plain yoghurt(150mls=8oz)

sliced almonds

mix all the ingredients together and pour into a baking tin.10"x6"
put sliced almonds on the top in straight lines a couple of inches
apart(portion size)
bake in a moderate oven for 35-45mins until golden brown and firm.
cool for approx 10mins and score into squares(2"x2")pour in the syrup
and let it settle for a while before taking out the slices.

my husband says it is better next day when the syrup has settled but.... it rarely lasts that long.
If i try to store i use large muffin cases for each square.

luv jacquie