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11-Feb-11, 13:06
Got any news for me?

Hi there...

Hot News implies dramatic breaking news, which of course, any journalist worth his salt is interested in.
But, of course, it only accounts for a small percentage of the news agenda. The majority of news is the day-to-day happenings which are important for a vast number of people and organisations in our community.
So, if you have any items you wish to publicise on the locally-owned Org then please send them to me, Noel Donaldson, either via my e-mail address, Nwicker60@aol.com (Nwicker60@aol.com) or by the Org’s private mail and finally to my postal address, 11 Ackergill Crescent, Wick, KW1 4DU.
I will require a contact telephone number, so that I can get in touch, if I need to check anything.
My family has a long-standing journalistic connection with Caithness, stretching back to 1936, when my father John Hot News Donaldson set up the county's first, fulltime freelance agency, for the national press, in Thurso Street, Wick... a tradition I am proud to carry on.