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24-Sep-04, 13:58

well worth the swap for the les paul : )


also check out a song i covered on on above address
right click blues song and save as



27-Sep-04, 22:52
What is it? It's a bit like a patrick eggle.

Tell me you didnt swap a Gibson Les Paul for it.

It's a bit like the guitar EVH started using after he stopped using the Charvel's.

28-Sep-04, 11:57
yup it is a patrick eggle,
ltd edition 93 model think its no 4 of a hundred ever made
and yup i swapped the les paul for it
in my eyes the eggle is far superior in playing than the les paul ever was
given its dues the les paul sounds nice but i prefer the sound and feel of the eggle anyday.

just got to get new amp now *rolls eyes*

04-Oct-04, 22:28
Fair enough. I didnt realise it was a "ginuwine" Eggle.

Still, was your Paul a Gibson? If so, then why didnt you swop for a Jackson RR, like mine? :D

I love getting really drunk and playing Mr Crowley all night with Randy's axe!!!!!!!!

Check 'er oot-


18-Oct-04, 23:21
Nice Jackson :)

Looks like one of the Jap made RR5s, yeah? Whats the date on it? The early Jap Jacksons are pretty nice...

This is what I'm playing these days, '87, USA, San Dimas plated, early 5k serial :)


All original hardware, and even signed by Grover



Plastic Food

24-Oct-04, 03:44
yup it was a genuine gibson rr models are nice but i usually llike to sit down playing and i remember them being a nightmare to do that with lol
nice guitar though. yeah good old ozzy did you have a listen to my track on the website


right click blues song and save as

24-Oct-04, 03:51
if anyone is interested

got a digitech rp100 multi effects unit for sale with foot controller for volume wah
and will throw in a boss overdrive pedal for free
getting rid as my line 6 is jmp1 is coming

goood pedal for all sorts of country metal blues jazz etc

45 quid