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08-Feb-11, 18:26
Up until recently been using choicestationery, but had a few bad carts, so thought try Refreshcartridges:
http://www.refreshcartridges.co.uk (http://www.refreshcartridges.co.uk/) very good prices. I ordered on-line yesterday at 11.11 am and cartridge arrived this morning about midday.. not bad from Torquay and it's free postage. Tested the cart and it's fine... well recommended

Kevin Milkins
08-Feb-11, 20:02
Cheers for that, I just gave them a shot. My usual supllier is very good, but because I buy them in bundles I am getting a build up of some colours and black , but short on light cyan and yellow.
This crew seem cheap enough on small numbers of a paticuler colour.