View Full Version : Surprise Endings

Blazing Sporrans
06-Feb-11, 21:56
I'd like to know which films have endings that really take you, the viewer, by surprise. Now don't hit me with The Sixth Sense - saw that one coming fifteen to twenty minutes into the movie and wrote it on a note just to prove it to Mrs Sporrans.

My gift, or curse, is to see these things coming a mile off, to the extent that Mrs Sporrans now takes it for granted and without thinking, asks me how films or TV shows are going to develop.

So come on Orgers, throw me a few ideas for films that might get me thinking "Didn't see that coming..."

07-Feb-11, 16:44
I did not like the ending in Titanic :(

25-Feb-11, 17:32
Best ending is Bad Lieutenant the Keitel version of course worth watching just for his performance.

rob murray
25-Feb-11, 18:25
Carlittos Way ( Pacino ) ..never anticipated the ending

26-Feb-11, 22:30
Book of Eli, im usually quite good at predicting movies too but that one i did not in a million years expect!

27-Feb-11, 19:06
Sorry; probably way off course here, but if you want to read a book with a surprise ending that'll blow your socks off then read...

"Roses Are Red" by James Patterson.

Best book for "surprise ending" I've ever read !

Films - Well there's "Shutter Island".... I've never seen it cos I read the book and therefore knew the ending, but I must admit, once again, the book ending was just brilliant - quite a shocker of an ending !!!