View Full Version : Yellow Pepper Soup

24-Aug-06, 09:30
This is a firm favourite.

Three yellow peppers
ONe onion
One big potato
Vegetable stock about a pint and ahalf
Curry powder or cumin to taste
flour about a dessert spoonful
Natural yoghurt

Cut the peppers and potato into cubes taking the core and the seeds out of the peppers and dice the onion Cut the potato into cubes - melt some butter in a pan and sweat the peppers and potatoes til soft. Add the curry powder and hte cumin and a little flour and stir till it soacks up all the liquid then add hte stock and cook til vegetables are very soft. Blend til smooth and serve with the yoghurt swirled through it and pitta bread or naan bread.

Please note that i make this from memory so the mesurements wont be very accurate - i jsut Feel my way :cool:

24-Aug-06, 19:46
I made your soup this afternoon and it is delicious, I couldn't get my kids away from carrot soup but we now have new favourite. Thanks Squidge, got anymore?

25-Aug-06, 11:19
Glad you enjoyed it Erli ill have a think