View Full Version : playstation light of death

06-Feb-11, 11:55
Any users on here had the unfortunate case of this happening .mine is showing it ,but could poss be to much use lol

04-Mar-11, 08:40
This is quite common, there is a instruction video on You Tube by Gilksy, search YLOD Gilksy. Although, this is apparently a temp fix at best .
Just happened to me, got the Red Light of Death! Disaster!

07-Mar-11, 13:32
ive used the temp fix .light bk on now

23-Apr-11, 02:22
hi want a cbroken 1 to have a look at do you want to sell it

28-Apr-11, 12:01
yeah i would be ,

30-Apr-11, 16:16
If it needs another main board i dont think you can buy them new u would have to look for second hand one of ebay or look for a ps3 that just a faulty drive disk on ebay and buy that if the price is write and take the bits u need out if .
My ps3 broke last week i was lucky it was just the blu ray rom got new one of ebay seems ok at the moment
Consule in general run at very hot temp u can see why the pack up if ure a hard user.

05-May-11, 14:19
i got the YLOD a few weeks ago. i have checked the youtube tutorials on how to fix but too be honest i dont have the patience or knowledge to fix this myself. does anyone know if there is anywhere locally it could be fixed?

06-Sep-11, 16:48
I fix the redrings for 30.00