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24-Aug-06, 03:13
I was gonna use this for a song, it's written as such, but I never got round to it.

I said you had my heart,
you had it on a plate,
it didn't get me far,
you chose to throw it away,
this loss hit me hard,
my world is ablaze,
you didn't want this part,
you didn't wanna stay

i knew it wasn't meant to be,
i'm glad you're not the one for me

there's another,
waiting out there,
do i call?
or will she call for me,
i won't wonder,
what is out there,
found the perfect,
fit for me

we slowly drift apart,
what more can i say?
you just got in your car,
and drove far away,
i'm back to the start,
I'm in a daze,
a broken part,
starts mending today

24-Aug-06, 03:20
Jeid, thanks for the contribution - glad to have more variety as well.
Why no title? Indecision? Painful memories?
Would Moving On work?

24-Aug-06, 09:15
Thanks very much.

It usually takes me ages to come up with titles and its usually best for me to hear how the song would go before making that decision.

24-Aug-06, 11:07
Can be hard finding the right title. I think generally I use the general theme of the piece, as in my poem Journey, for that is exactly what the poem is about. In your work, I get a sense of Moving On hence my suggestion.