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31-Jan-11, 23:44
just wondering whats everyones favourite musicals?.mine have got to be On the town,Severn brides for severn brothers,Crybaby,and Tommy,to name a few..:)

01-Feb-11, 00:31
i am a die hard phantom fan ! I love it.. i still haven't forgiven Christine yet for choosing Raoul though! I'm Team Erik all the way *G*

The Music Monster
05-Feb-11, 19:03
Way too many to choose from! I love Phantom (but I'm a big Raoul fan!!) but I do also love the "oldies" like Rodgers and Hammerstein stuff - I shall have to give this some real consideration!!!

05-Feb-11, 22:10
ohhh love the king and I! pheww raoull.. uggghh sugar daddy!!!! *grins*