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27-Jan-11, 18:54
As some of you will be aware i started a business from home making bespoke cupcakes back in september. The business is progressing well and as well as the 'designer' cupcakes i would also like to make another range available. These cupcakes are still muffin sized but are made more for flavour and are decorated more simply.

I am looking for outlets where i can sell these, cafes, bars or even offices would be ideal. The idea is to sell the cakes singly to either staff or customers.

I would also like to make a couple of window displays to promote the business as a whole and if anyone is aware of an empty shop window or even a space in a shop window i could rent even for just a few weeks i would be most grateful.

My cakes can be viewed on www.cherryblossomcupcakes.co.uk (http://www.cherryblossomcupcakes.co.uk) or under Cherry Blossom Bakery on Facebook.

27-Jan-11, 21:38
Sending you a msg on facebook

27-Jan-11, 21:45
Just looked at your cakes they look fabulous to be fair!
I'd feel guilty eating one!! :)

28-Jan-11, 09:09
Thank you both! x

31-Jan-11, 20:32
I hope you are going to the wedding fayre on 6th march!
Get your beautiful cakes out there!
Not that i live here but so what you have a great talent show it off!

31-Jan-11, 23:56
I am going to try and exhibit at the Wedding Fayre but i am already particularly busy with orders around that time so i'm not sure at this moment if it will be possible.

However The Lunch Box in Wick will be stocking some of my cakes from this Thursday.

01-Feb-11, 19:49
Just wanted to thank everyone for the lovely comments regarding my cakes.

Would also like to let everyone know that some of my cakes will be on sale at The Lunchbox, Wick from this Thursday!

01-Feb-11, 20:15
Looks abso fab they do ! and dont forget if theres any going spare say a few mis made ones chuck us a tray this way lol

11-Feb-11, 11:56
Due to the great success in supplying my cakes to The Lunch Box in Wick deliveries are now being made on a very regular basis. Flavours and decoration vary daily so why not drop in and help support 2 local businesses. The more demand for my cakes, the more flavours will be introduced. These cakes are available to buy singly!

This weeks flavours have been Strawberry & Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry & White Chocolate and Lemon. Valentines designs will be available on Monday 14th Feb!