View Full Version : quiz night 24th January....results

24-Jan-02, 23:59
Here are the results of the Quizperson's adding machine:

Gleeber 10 points, Shel 20 points, CC 20 points, Caraid 30 points, acameron 35 points, alfredo 50 points, Helenw 50 points, Betty 70 points, Doolally 75 points, Davie 150 points.

I now pronounce DAVIE as being the WINNER.


(Puts shoes back on :p )

Mr P Cannop
25-Jan-02, 16:08
Thanks Very much for the update

25-Jan-02, 20:31
Davie really wis cookin way gas last night!

Well Done Davie. :)

And wee done to You for the quiz! :grin: