View Full Version : Forum Upgrade

Niall Fernie
22-Aug-06, 18:42
Just a quick well done to Colin for upgrading the forums to the new fandangy version. There could well be a few things to be tidied up but these will be sorted over the next couple of days. If there are any real glaring problems, feel free to mail me on niall@caithness.org and I'll see what can be done.

Colin Manson
22-Aug-06, 19:26
Yeah well it would still look pretty strange if Niall hadn't sorted out the style sheet, there is always something that goes wrong. :p

Maybe one day we'll be able to upgrade it without any issues. :D

Niall Fernie
22-Aug-06, 19:31
yeah, that'll be the day...

Also, just added a new forum where you can discuss the news from all of our newsfeed enabled sites. Any new articles will automatically be added for discussion.