View Full Version : moving on and up

22-Jan-11, 15:25
hi moving back to caithness permantly 28th feb at last carnt wait to go home its been too long and i wont make the mistake again ever although we have the cafe at the air port i love running pubs or hotels so if you have something to run why not give me a shout i run a great kichen and am a family man so plenty of help available i have a small deposit and i must say great refs you can contact me on hear or on 01262850266
we are looking at a B & B at the moment[lol]:cool::lol:

22-Jan-11, 17:23
I wish you luck with your long awaited move, and hope you find something to fill your time very soon.

24-Jan-11, 19:08
thanks got some good results hope to follow them up carnt wait till the 28 feb