View Full Version : Season of the witch

16-Jan-11, 12:16
Nicholas Cage has put on a few pounds for this film and the novelty of it was pretty much the only reason I carried on watching it.

Not exactly as gripping as was advertised - IMO.

It's a shame really cos they had the cast to pull off a decent film really. The opening scenes were about as action packed and realistic as it gets in this film and for me it was downhill from 10 minutes in.

Worth watching if you're bored and have nothing better to do for 80mins although if it's a toss up between watching this and clipping toenails - go with the toenails.

10-Dec-11, 15:41
It's also worth watching if you like Nicolas Cage and if you like those 'sword' style movies of the 80s, where they have a group of adventurers on a journey through fantasy style landscapes and scenarios. It could have been a lot better I concur, but I've seen a lot worse. :O)

14-Dec-11, 15:39
Nicolas Cage is a has been. His acting and roles are terrible. I would put him on a level with Jean Claude who gives a Damn.