View Full Version : The Fighter

13-Jan-11, 15:36
Watched this last week. I thought Christian Bale played the part very very well, Mark Wahlberg was good, but Christian stole the show.

9/10 for this film.

21-Jan-11, 09:44
Yeah cracking film,wish we had of seen him fighting Gatti tho!!!

30-Apr-12, 13:34
just noticed this. christian bale was superb as dickie eklund. i have to say tho not including the gattie fights in the story didnt really bother me, i think so many only caught on to ward as a result of the first fight with gatti and then obviously II and III but from a boxing fan those fights were right at the end of his career. there was so much more to him than those fights so i think it was more important to focus on what happened before thse great fights. and a nice ending to see him win a version of a world title made for a great anding to a story.

19-Oct-13, 17:32
Yes good movie - lots of Youtube clips of Ward v Gatti, two hard old school fighters !