View Full Version : Writing Genres or Disciplines

20-Aug-06, 20:15
We are all familiar with poetry and prose. However, in writing terms, both of those split into different types. And then, there are, if you will, sub,subtypes.
Prose:- Fiction, Non-fiction essentially subdivide Prose. Then you further divide up say in Fiction to short stories and novel length. Also include Drama.
Non-fiction would include Article writing.
Poetry has several subgroups.
The above is an indication and is not meant to be taken as exhaustive.

Now, how many of you read newspapers? How many read magazines? Do you ever think about the writing, not just the content? Look at the Org's news leaders - they are written aren't they? How many would like to be able to 'write up an event' near where you live that you attend? Perhaps, if it is relevant to Caithness & Sutherland, might might be good enough for inclusion as an Org item? Worth thinking about eh? Why not try - even practice with a fictitious event?

Go for it!