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11-Jan-11, 20:45
Last September i started my home based business baking and creating bespoke cupcakes completely from scratch. These cupcakes are either used to replace the traditional birthday or wedding cake by creating a large cupcake tower or gift boxed and given as a very individual and personal gift.

This has proved so popular that i am now looking at creating wedding and other larger occasion cakes. These cakes are baked and iced completely from scratch and use local produce wherever possible. No cakes are frozen or made from pre-mixed cake mixes like larger producers. The beauty of this is that each order is completely tailored to the individual, cake flavours can be mixed and matched and special dietary requirements are easily taken into account.

Please feel free to have a look at my new improved website.

www.cherryblossomcupcakes.co.uk (http://www.cherryblossomcupcakes.co.uk)

Feedback is always gratefully received!

11-Jan-11, 21:11
Your cakes are fantastic, good luck with branching out :)

12-Jan-11, 12:50
Those are gorgeous!!!

puffin croft
12-Jan-11, 17:45
cherry blossoms cakes are really beautifully decorated,totally professional.

13-Jan-11, 19:01
Thanks for the lovely comments and my new website has certainly proved very popular. Hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of my cakes in the very near future as i have a few other ideas in the pipline.

13-Jan-11, 19:15
You should enter competitions you're cakes are out of this world!!

13-Jan-11, 20:05
beautiful cupcakes,I wouldnt want to eat them they look so pretty! x

14-Jan-11, 20:35
beautiful cupcakes,I wouldnt want to eat them they look so pretty! x

Thank you! The good thing about people eating them is it means i get to make more!