View Full Version : several types of pure breed hens for sale

09-Jan-11, 13:32
i have a secelation of pure bred hens for sale price depends on age of birds

i have about 30 ones that came into point of lay last summer and have about 14 birds that are around 15 weeks old so they wont be to long befor they come into lay

there is some rhode island reds , cream leg bars , copper marans and more

so if intrested get in touch next week as i will be back in uk on monday , anyone is more than welcome to come and veiw them .

they are all free range birds

all under 10

must go soon

please pm me as i am in france at moment

11-Jan-11, 10:55
thtas the first few reseved their are plenty more so come and grab a bargin on these pure breeds, as they do lay for a lot longer amount of years at a steady pace and look a lot more attractive in your garden.

will be back in less then a week so pm if intrested , all can be veiwed

18-Jan-11, 20:27
you might have better chances to sell if you advertised in the farming / crofting category, which should be the right one, not this one ...?