View Full Version : TREE of LIFE

19-Aug-06, 14:32
Oh Tree of Life so tall and strong
With roots sunk deep in history,
Each limb a mark of Man's endeavour
And leaves the sign of growth.
In reaching up towards the sky
It shows the path to destiny.
Bending with each wind of change
Ravaged by the storms of time.
Its needs seem so few
While it offers so much.
(May I be your Tree of Life?)

Oh Tree of Life so safe and sound
A haven for so many,
Giving solace to weary souls
Who rest beneath your boughs,
As breezes rustle through your leaves
Making music pleasant to the ears.
(May I be your Tree of Life?)

From such a small and precious seed
You grow through Nature's care,
Past Man's allotted span of years
Upright, steadfast and true.
(May I be your Tree of Life?)