View Full Version : Any land rover clubs

06-Jan-11, 00:19
is there any land rover clubs or 4x4 clubs in caithness?
if not is there anyone interested in starting one?

23-Jan-11, 15:15
i'd be game for a spot of offroading!!

23-Jan-11, 21:41
Well yes i would be very interested in starting up a landrover club in Caithness. Been thinking about it since oct 06 when we moved up here. Obviously monthly meets somewhere and of course could do with finding someone with large plot of land out on the hills like to do a bit of the muddy stuff on. Use to belong to a club down in Southampton. Always great to get together and exchange ideas and help each other with any landy problems.
PM me and i'll give you my number. Mind you most folk got my number as i drive a large white transit belonging to a well known windscreen company. LOL

23-Jan-11, 23:18
have pm'd you

Kasper King
09-Jul-11, 22:03
Did the Landrover club ever get going. I am moving up from Derbyshire in a couple of months and as I am a keen off roader I would like to meet up with other like minded people.

01-Aug-11, 23:45
sorry to all that have been emailing me (i'm not on the org much these days), haven't had much interest in a 4x4 club but to all out there its not so much as a club but more of a meet to have some beers and change of chat and more important a chance to do some offroad so if anyone is interested give us a pm and well see what we can organised.

12-Aug-11, 06:25
So when you guys planning to open the club !... and do you got enough members for club donation ?

12-Aug-11, 09:11
Would the club be solely for Land Rover or open to any 4x4, would be very interested if open to all

Kasper King
24-Jul-12, 21:30
Did anything happen?
I would like to get some offroading in if anyone knows some local routes and wants some company.

25-Jul-12, 15:11

Interested too


04-Aug-12, 16:02
Also interested, work away from Caithness but home most weekends

22-Oct-12, 23:24
I am sure thereis aland rover club held in wick on a thursday

10-Nov-12, 01:33
News to me,but I'd be game for some off roading,where were you planing going 2?

Kasper King
29-Nov-12, 11:54
Do you know where and what time.
I anyone knows some good off road routes can you give us a date and time to go out?

18-Dec-12, 04:25
Do I need to grow a beard and wear a body warmer to join??

01-Jan-13, 14:25
oooo sounds good! I got a 2a lwb RAF Police car, normally covered in mud! I'll be moving up to Wick, soon so count me in!!

Kasper King
31-May-13, 10:51
I am trying to get a 4x4 club off and running. If you are interested I have two others willing to join.
How about meeting one Sunday to get the ball rolling?
How about either the 9th June, 16th or 23rd? PM me with your prefered date and your location and I will set one up a a central location.

31-May-13, 18:59
Ya i'm still up for sorting a get together somewhere, be great. I stay in Thrumster, i know few others that would be up for it to.

02-Oct-13, 20:52
Did anything ever happen about this?

Kasper King
21-Dec-13, 13:36

Not so far!
If any one knows any routes do you fancy a trip out over the Christmas:D
I will coordinate if you like or just name a date/day/time and location;)
Judging by the number of reply's I would say we could start one up.
not really but it is a good idea, it can get a bit chilli out there and the routes can be a bit rough LOL.
No mate, we could do with the practice of pulling people out of mud;)

28-Dec-13, 18:16
I would be up for it, an a few of my mates would proberly be keen, whats the chance of getting somewhere to go tho at this time of year with everywhere being so wet?