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05-Jan-11, 21:59
I am currently looking to set up a LAN Party once every second month in Thurso and Wick depending on demand we may change it to once a month.

The whole idea of a LAN party is for people to meet up at a set location with their pc then hooking up to a local Hub to enable a LAN Multiplayer.

Games played include Steam platform games, Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, Halflife, Far Cry, Unreal Tournament, and other RPG and shoot’ em up games.

For this to work you would be required to already have the games installed before the event and be capable of running the games in question. Please note PC’s should be virus free.

I would ask that anybody under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult.

Events like these take place all over the UK and are a great way of getting to know people and making new friends.

We will be looking to start on a Saturday or Sunday morning depending when is best for people and start at 10:00am lasting until about 5:00pm due to the technical aspect of setting up a LAN Network games wouldn’t start until about 11:00am (you will not require any technical knowledge of LAN as this will be set up for you if you are unsure, all you are required to do is set up your pc).

As we will be renting a function hall we would ask that all attending parties pay £5 each to help fund the renting of the hall and future events.

Kind Regards

Anybody intrested should feel free to get in contact with me

12-Jan-11, 20:20

great idea. Count myself and Daniel in on this.

Let us know when and where and we will do our best to be there.

Good luck mate,


14-Jan-11, 21:02
No halo :(

Forgot to add im better on console lan parties than PC! Good luck tho! Sounds awsome! Iv always wanted to go to one.

Did play Unreal Tournament for a while but my PC cudna handle it....i may come join in one time tho ;)

14-Jan-11, 21:40
the more the merrier, for all considering joining us at one of our lan partys the event is not about winning more so about meeting new people. thanks again for your reply shelly.

Ambassador G'Kar
22-Jan-11, 13:32
What sort of age group are you aiming at? I know many younger kids would be interested but could probably not concentrate for a full day!

23-Jan-11, 12:06
The age group really is anybody who is a keen computer enthusiasts and wants to meet up and try a new experience, the problem being is that I am not sure as to people under the age of 16 coming on their own due to parental problems, transport etc. anybody wishing to attend would not have to be there for a full day however long they feel up to. I hope this answers your queries. Do you think this might be something that would interest you?