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16-Aug-06, 23:08
I keep getting a message on my computer every now and again saying virtual memory is to low what does it mean?


16-Aug-06, 23:21
you have too many programes running in the backround like viruses etc but maybe your workin your computer too hard

17-Aug-06, 00:23
Hi Krieve,

Virtual memory is the page file stored on your (usually) C: drive. You should only really get it under two circumstances - when you're running out of disk space on C: or if Windows is no longer managing your page file (so it gets full and doesn't increase like it's really designed to do).

For XP you can check it out by going into the Control Panel, opening System properties, go to the Advanced tab, under Peformance select the Settings button, select the Advanced tab and under Virtual Memory select Change. Make sure that the System managed size radio button is checked, if not check it and select Set and click all the OK's. If you do change it you will need to reboot.

Another way to avoid this is to increase your PC's RAM. This will decrease the amount of data that needs to be swapped into your page file and therefore decrease it's use.

Finally remember that the more apps you use, the more memory they use and therefore the more the page file will be used.

How much memory do you have in your PC?

Note that having a custom sized page file can increase performance slightly but under normal circumstances I'd let Windows manage it.