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23-Dec-10, 21:27
We have a cat living in one of our sheds and we're just wondering whether someone in the lybster area has lost one, it certainly doesn't seem to be a feral cat.
We can't catch it as it's wary of us but it looks as though it wants to be caught, if that makes sense.

I'm assuming it's a girl cos it's pretty lol, but that's hardly a definite.
It's mainly Black with white patches on the face. I think it's front paws may be white too.

Pm me.

29-Dec-10, 15:15
Just to give a better description of this puddy cat.

Mainly Black, has 4 white paws. His/her face is mainly Black but he/she has a white nose and cheeks and the White goes under the chin.

Surely someone in the lybster area is missing this cat? He/she seems friendly but we haven't actually managed to touch her yet, she just hides if we try. We're keeping it well fed and we're more than happy for it to stay here if the owner isn't found, I just worry that some little kid is missing this cat.
I will try to get a photo when it comes out from its hidey hole and put it up on here.

29-Dec-10, 16:48

Ok. Here's the pretty puddy. It's eyes are not really that gorgeous Blue colour lol, it's just that the shed it's hiding in was in complete blackness and i just had to point the camera to where I thought it was and hope for the best - hence the rubbish quality.

Someone must be missing this lovely cat!

29-Dec-10, 20:05
Found the following on the CP website and wondered whether it might be the wee cat you are very kindly caring for?

Ritchie is a black & white cat who has been missing from Hillhead, Lybster since late October. He's friendly but wary of dogs. He's black on his back, tail and neck and has a white chest. If you have seen him or have any information at all, please contact his owner on 01593 721492, or contact our helpline. Thank you.

30-Dec-10, 11:55
I saw that and replied to the thread but got the person who just works there. I shall get in touch with Cats protection and see. Or phone the number of course!