View Full Version : portlands on xmas day?

23-Dec-10, 00:23
we're going to the portlands with family on xmas day and to be honest i'm not sure what to expect as i've never been away from home for xmas dinner.
has any one been before that can tell me what they think?
cheers in advance.:D

Beat Bug
23-Dec-10, 00:40
We've dined there on several occasions, and have never been disappointed.

23-Dec-10, 03:42
I've never been for Christmas dinner but I have spent a two or three days at New Year there when Gerry and Helen Henderson owned the hotel. They were good times; wonderful food and good company with a mixture of folk from Caithness and further afield.

On New Year's Day, a walk down to the harbour whet the appetite before lunch and there was always someone who could play and sing to entertain the rest. I remember Gerry marching up and down the corridors playing the bagpipes in an effort to get everyone up for breakfast - it worked! :lol:

Even though the owners have changed several times since then, I'm sure you will have a lovely day if you just relax and enjoy yourselves. It will be fun..... and you don't have to do the dishes! Enjoy....

23-Dec-10, 11:28
We are going to the Portland Arms too for Christmas dinner. Had to cancel our plans to go south to see family, so decided to treat ourselves.

Looking forward to it:)