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16-Aug-06, 13:14
Whole Lotta Led will be returning to Skinandi's on Thursday the 24th of August.

You can get tickets in advance from the Central Hotel for 10(or pay 12 at the door). Doors open at 7:30pm.

Should be a good night folks. These guys are really good at what they do.

I should point out, that the band set the ticket/door price before this turns into a slagging match criticising the price.

The Pepsi Challenge
16-Aug-06, 13:29
Considering it's approx 8 to get into Skinandis anyway, 2 extra to see a band is, well, small beer I guess (if you'll pardon the pun).

16-Aug-06, 13:55
that's the 3rd time I'll miss them:mad:

rant rant rant.................

17-Aug-06, 19:37
Aww shame, poor wee Chobbers [lol] Are you over the tantrum yet?! :Razz

"Bully" xx

17-Aug-06, 20:58
Working again! Did I misread a poster somewhere I thought for some reason that it was on a monday night. Or maybe it was blurred vision in Top Joes :lol:

17-Aug-06, 23:38
It was gonna be on a monday night, you are 100% correct! But, it got changed.

24-Aug-06, 15:29
It's on tonight folks. Anyone going?

25-Aug-06, 15:21
i went last night and it was excellent. first time i've seen them and was worth the going, maybe not worth the 12 in my eyes but hey, i coulda got off my ass n only paid 10 so my own fault really. but anyway dudes know how to put on a show. and the guitarist and his theramin in whole lotta love was great more people should bust those baby's out live lol.

25-Aug-06, 19:18
the WLL lads came around site seeing & we ended up having them in for some coffee out of nowhere we suddenly had visit from Whole Lotta Led:D