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16-Aug-06, 12:17
I'm looking for genuine windows xp pro software, and at Amazon the cost is about 240, but a on ebay it is available for about 80.
How can this be? Is the ebay software genuine as the sellers claim?
Has anyone bought software from the ebay sites?


Colin Manson
16-Aug-06, 12:40
I bought an XP Home OEM version for the wifes PC from here -


I think it's just over 60 including the postage, it arrived in 2 days.

The Pro versions are here but I wouldn't pay the extra unless you really need the pro version.


Hope that helps.


16-Aug-06, 13:27
Hi simonH,

The retail version of Windows XP Pro is expensive. Depending on what version of the OS you have just now (if any) you may get an upgrade for about 80-100. From eBay you may be able to get a second user copy for a good price.

My experience of purchasing Windows software from eBay isn't good. You'll generally find that the sellers are providing the Academic version for sale at about 80. The licence for the Academic version only allows you to use it if you are in education. I was sold that in the past and had a huge hassle returning it to the seller who didn't seem to get the fact that all Windows licences aren't actually the same. If you go ahead with eBay check you are actually getting what you need - even if they don't mention it's the Academic version (for example) make sure you ask anyway!

An OEM version of Windows should only be supplied with an actual PC. While it's widely available to buy, technically it shouldn't be sold separately so I'm not sure licence wise where you'd stand. If you decide to buy OEM software be careful what you buy. Some copies of manufacturers OEM software will only work on their machines (for example Dell OEM may only work on Dell's etc.)

240.00 is steep for XP Pro - a quick search found the full retail version at 212.00 (inc VAT) and 152.00 (inc. VAT) for the upgrade.

Having said all of that I agree with Colin. If you don't need the extra bits then it's not worth it. The comparison between XP Home and Pro is on the Microsoft website. (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/howtobuy/choosing2.mspx)

16-Aug-06, 14:19
Thanks for your replies Colin and Paul

I'm going to go for the OEM home edition from Aria that Colin has bought.

Best wishes