View Full Version : Happy Birthday Tugs!

18-Dec-10, 23:04
Happy Birthday Tugs (Saw the info right at the bottom of page)..;) And a GREAT thanks for the weather info!

John Little
18-Dec-10, 23:05
Oh yes - so it is. Happy birthday oh magus of the weather! :lol:

18-Dec-10, 23:19

18-Dec-10, 23:22
Happy Birthday Tugs. One year closer to that bus pass ;).

18-Dec-10, 23:34
Happy birthday!
Been missing the weather reports:lol:
I dont understand the charts and the pretty colours on the maps....
I need it all deciphered for me:~(
Could be asking for a weather report in the next few days..as travelling south looks very likely for my parents.

18-Dec-10, 23:56
Happy Birthday!!!!
Now, is there anything u can do about this weather? Just need it to stop until Wed then it can start again for Xmas!!!:lol:

highland red
19-Dec-10, 00:29
Happy birthday and thanks for all your weather info. I paid your weather website a visit and now have it marked as one of my bookmarks.

Fabulous website, great general interest, and so much technical info it's unreal.

I love it. I don't know what a lot of it means: but I love it.

Thanks again and all the very best for your birthday.

19-Dec-10, 00:48
All the best and many happy returns !!

19-Dec-10, 00:50
Happy birthday tuggs!
hope you have a fab one! xx

19-Dec-10, 01:04
happy birthday.:)

19-Dec-10, 01:16
A very Happy Birthday to you!

19-Dec-10, 09:40
Oops! Missed it. Happy unBirthday Tugs! :D

19-Dec-10, 10:30
Thank you so very much all :)
only just found the org is back on! that is the best late birthday pressie :)

19-Dec-10, 10:38
Hope you had a brilliant birthday Tugs !! :D

Thank you SO MUCH for all your weather updates ! :):)

19-Dec-10, 11:11
Happy birthday , even my 6 year old asks about your forcasts:D

19-Dec-10, 11:13
Happy birthday, Tuggs. Hope it was a good one.

19-Dec-10, 11:49
Hope you had a good birthday Tuggs and thank you for all your hard work keeping us up to date with your forecasts.:roll:

19-Dec-10, 11:52
Hope you had a great day hun Happy Birthday
and BIG thanks go out to you for keeping us so well informed about the weather throughout the year xxxx
and may I take this opportunity to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year xxxx

19-Dec-10, 11:54
Hope yesterday was a good day for you Tugs. Happy Birthday!

19-Dec-10, 11:57
Thank you all folks :)
had a nice day and enjoyed pizza and beer last night lol