View Full Version : Memory full on mobile phone.

15-Aug-06, 19:23
Can anyone please help me?

I bought a Samsung mobile phone just recently from Sutherlands (handy things aren't they?) and I threw out all the instructions cos I was convinced that I would suss it out with practice. However, last week there suddenly appeared a blue flashing icon and a message saying 'memory full'. OK, so I have deleted all the unwanted images and photos that I've taken. I have deleted all phone records and text messages. There is nothing on my phone any more except a photo of the dog. Yet the message will not go away and that daft icon is still flashing. It is really annoying that I can't sort it out!:confused

Any helpful suggestions will be great and fully appreciated. Thanks!!

Tiger Jones
15-Aug-06, 19:31
Although you've deleted stuff, you might have to clear the memory cache. I'm no expert on that so it's more of a suggestion than anything else.

Depending on the model, you can download a user manual from somewhere such as...