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15-Dec-10, 16:34
hi every one do you know enyone what deals with nitro helicopters in wick or around

Even Chance
15-Dec-10, 16:50
How do you mean "deals with"?
Do you want to purchase one or spares?
Learn to fly?

There is a model shop in John O Groats if thats any use. I can give you the guys phone number if you like.

There is the Caithness Model Aero Club. A few members have IC helicopters, but most now fly the smaller electric versions, indoor included.

I fly fixed wing model aircraft, although I have tried helicopters on a few occasions.

15-Dec-10, 16:53
like fix them and can you give me a number for the john o groat model shop

15-Dec-10, 16:53
Mackenzie's Models give billy a shout he will help you his details Duncansby Head Rd,John O'Groats,Wick,Caithness,KW1 4YS
Telephone: 01955 611210

Even Chance
15-Dec-10, 16:55
His number is 01966 611210. Ask for William.
He should be able to help.
Can you fly already?

Even Chance
15-Dec-10, 16:56
Aha Boxer lad, ye beat me til it!!!

15-Dec-10, 17:08
no cant fly yet the reciver chanels are all mudeled up and i cant sort it

Even Chance
15-Dec-10, 17:49
Best to get some proper instruction first then. They are VERY difficult and dangerous to fly.
Ive seen numerous beginners put off because they tried themselves and wrecked the helicopter in the process.

15-Dec-10, 18:01
i have all the training gear simulators i have bean working on for a wile

15-Dec-10, 20:23
i have all the training gear simulators i have bean working on for a wile

A nitro helecopter if that crashes into you the blades will do you serous harm it will take chunks out of u its a dangerous if you dont no what you are doing.
The most important think about buying any helicopter is how easy it is to get parts because trust me you will spend a fortune on parts and you will be doing more repairs than flying thats the joys with having a hobby like thaT.
You would be far better of buying an indoor helicopter like a blade cx2 to start of with until u master it then move to an out door electric helicopter then to a nitro
I have blade cx2 indoor helicopter had a lot of fun playing with it but i spent a fortune on blades and shafts.
Remember u cant fly a nitro helicopter anywere in the public you need permission on private land plus u need insurance as well which you get at any model club because if that helicopter crash into anyone you will be sued big time???
Honestly do yourself a favour and forget about the nitro helicopter until you have more experience and start with an indoor one first.
You can get a remote control indoor electric airwolf helicopter very smart.

15-Dec-10, 20:29
i had eletric helis before and am good with them i had a nitro buggy and i decided to got to nitro helicopter because am intrested in helis i have had a shot of a nitro heli before this is my helicopterhttp://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs1119.snc4/148150_1361761744546_1846671578_701131_4184966_n.j pg (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=701140&id=1846671578)