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14-Dec-10, 14:28
Someone on Epupz is advertising..... wait for it........Daneadoodle pups?!? :eek:

Here's the initial descriptions:
Dane a doodle pups - very rare in UK . Beautiful none sheding blue merles and black and white harlequins . Mother is a harlequin great dane - father is a black standard poodle .Both are KC reg , lovely natured family pets . Photos of pups can be e-mailed - ready for viewing now More>> (http://epupz.co.uk/clas/viewdetails.asp?view=378818)

very rare in the UK? Yeah cos no other eejit would want to cross a Great Dane with a Poodle!
I just don't get it. How on earth can either of those breeds benefit from being crossed in this way?? It's just bizarre!
I love how they're claiming they're non shedding too, wonder what they based that information on.

These things make me soooo angry. Daneadoodle!!!???? Danearuddydoodle!
Bet you can't guess the price for these "rare, non shedding species" - 650.00 no less.
They're bloomin mongrels with a designer name tag and some stupid dope is gong to buy one (probably for a xmas present) under the ignorant belief they're a rare breed.

Mind you, could be worse, some have crossed a Dane with a Ridgeback :eek: but it may take a Dane owner to understand how lethal that combination could be!

14-Dec-10, 14:30
Blimey there's another Daneadoodle breeder on there with a [pup reduced to 300 from 1000 :eek:

They seem to claim it's an American breed!

14-Dec-10, 14:32
O my lord there's more of em in Kent! Thought these were a rare breed in the UK! :eek:

pretty green eyes
14-Dec-10, 14:45
im going to google and have a look...:eek: poor pups!

pretty green eyes
14-Dec-10, 14:50
here is a link to see a great doodle :eek: more common than ever now lol


pretty green eyes
14-Dec-10, 14:55

a great poodle and a maltipoo playing :eek:

just a thought...daddy is a poodle??:roll:

14-Dec-10, 14:56
Oh No, I actually like them lol.

They appear to still have the great Dane mannerisms alongside the curly Doodle coat.

I understand these 'new' breeds have to start somewhere but what about the stoopid eejit that will buy one thinking they're simply getting a non shedding Scooby Doo? When in fact the non shedding part is the only upside to what is essentially a very large bag of hyperness that wants to sit on you, lean on you or attempt to take you down from behind as they would do a wild Boar (Great Dane traits).

Freakin scary huh!

pretty green eyes
14-Dec-10, 15:16
my boy doesnt try to pull me down from behind...he is trying something else :lol:

I find it worrying that some people will just think that they are getting a big dog that only bothered about casting and not know how to handle them or the health risks attached

14-Dec-10, 21:03
I have heard of these as I am part of an American forum. As it happens, I think they are beautiful, but in no way agree with cross-breeding, especially when its not in the best interests of the dogs! I would never pay that much for a purebred, let alone a crossbreed! On epupz, it will purely be a back yard breeder. I bet neither parent will ever have been health tests!

Claiming they are non-shedding is just asking for trouble, no way can they determine that :(

14-Dec-10, 21:41
totaly agree there mungerals,used to find it hard to give them away,now there making a fortune out of them