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Niall Fernie
13-Dec-10, 20:49
Classic Shakespeare set in a WWI/II setting.

I think the setting makes it seem all the more evil.

On BBC iPlayer until the 19th Dec:


13-Dec-10, 21:38
Watched it last night, excellent.

Kate Fleetwood was the best Lady Macbeth I've seen - and old Jean-Luc wasn't bad either.:Razz And an excellent 'take' on the wierd sisters - they worked it into the opening scenes brilliantly.

The setting reminded me of Antony Shers' screen version (done in the late '90s IIRC) which was filmed in a very similar way - stark vault and corridoor settings, with a Eastern European (Bosnian/Serb) civil war stylee.

More, please.

14-Dec-10, 16:25
Did n't gel with me despite Patrick Stewart being an excellent Shakesperian actor, think it was the bit with the ham sandwiches that put me off!
I have no objection to plays being staged in a different way, in fact one of the best ones I have ever seen was a version of Oedipus that was set against a totally bare white background and the cast wore black gowns, they seemed to almost drift around the stage.