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im behind you
08-Dec-10, 21:55
i think the wife droped a hint for a blackberry today. i thought to myself cheaper just buying jam from the shop instead of making it. but when i explored this further with her i found out its a mobile phone. so i went to goggle blackberry to see what the best deal was. and i couldnt on how many diffrent types there was out there. so all im asking is what is the best blackberry out there.any help would be great thanks.as long as the wife is happy on xmas day then im happy

08-Dec-10, 22:12
Before you buy a Blackberry check out the HTC Phone. My son had a Blackberry and he has now changed to a HTC as he says thaey are far better and the deals far better as well.

He got a new HTC Phone from VodaFone for 25 a month with free texts etc etc. Check out the HYC Phone :-


08-Dec-10, 22:39
I received an htc phone with windows 7 on it,all i can say is WOW! As kodiak has posted take a look at the htc phones :D

08-Dec-10, 23:00
I bought a HTC Desire a few months ago, at the time it was the best phone on the market, some would say it still is! Much better than the Blackberry phones! Can't go wrong!!:)

08-Dec-10, 23:05
Yeh but..., no but..., what do you need in the way of coverage? :eek: Is this 3G? But...3G isn't available everywhere is it(?) :confused
Answers on a postcard please..., pretty please.

08-Dec-10, 23:07
I have a 8900 Curve, and its good, the only drawback being the internet browser is painfully slow. It can get wi-fi and you can download great apps like facebook, twitter, scrabble, hangman etc etc.

It cost me 90 new but that was a good deal at the time and I arranged a 17 a month contract with 02

08-Dec-10, 23:40
I have the Blackberry Curve, overall it's a good phone, but not the best. It can from time to time, freeze up and then I have to reboot it, which is a pain in the backside. I have heard very good things about the HTC Evo, but can't say on a personal level.

Every phone is different for every user.

09-Dec-10, 00:13
I had a blackberry storm 2 and it was rubbish browser very slow and it kept freezing up i ditched that phone and got an iphone hell of alot better, but ive also heard the htc phones are also very good. overall i think you should not bother with a blackberry but thats my opinion.

09-Dec-10, 07:49
The Blackberry Storm is absolutely horrible! Heard good things about the HTC, but a collegue of mine got a Desire HD and he's just sent the second one back as the battery lasts about 2 hours on standby, apparantly its a common fault with them.
iPhone all the way for me, but that doesn't really answer the question at all.....Sorry!:(

09-Dec-10, 08:26
I have a HTC Pro 2 wish some one would take it away and bring back my blackberry. Maybe it is just me

Alice in Blunderland
09-Dec-10, 08:50
My husband had a blackberry storm for two years and it did him fine. I think the battery wasnt the best from what I remember.

He now has an iphone and much prefers it. He admits that he should have changed ages ago. :) Much more user friendly, easier to use, lots of good applications to download and most are free.

However if its a blackberry thats been asked for maybe you had better stick to that..... ;)

09-Dec-10, 10:36
I have a Blackberry Curve and I agree with folk that the browser is SO slow! I actually stopped using it and just use the apps for browsing, such as Ebay. If you have larger than average fingers I would also say it could be tricky typing in your message. Other than that I am happy with it. Battery lasts well and it slips easily into back jeans pockets and you know you will not lose it!:)

09-Dec-10, 11:34
If you are going for a Blackberry avoid any with a trackball, they are notoriously poor and stop working after minimal use.

Get one like the 8520 etc with the track pad as they are far far better.

09-Dec-10, 13:57
I have the BB Bold and its great, web browser is slow but for Facebooking, emails it is great, couldn't be without it now and the battery power is amazing lasts nearly a week on a full charge.

Corrie 3
09-Dec-10, 14:17
I still use 2 baked bean tins and a length of string...works wonders and never freezes up and the battery lasts forever.


mums angels
10-Dec-10, 00:47
Really depends on what you are looking for , i am not a fan of blackberrys or infact the iphones due to a damaged one i ended up with the sony erricson x10 mini pro and love it but could be too small for some . i just like the slide out qwerty keyboard . Have to say my daughter has the samsung galaxy s and its fantastic , its quite big but screen quality, swype text input option and qwerty, ease of use and android technology makes it win win for me . I am quite annoyed i got such a good one for my 12 year old rather than for myself but for 25 a month with 600 mins and unlimted internet and texts i couldnt say no :)

Also have heard very good things about the HTC .. the plus side for me been that the android phones all seem to have the same functions so not so hard to learn to use when going from one to another

10-Dec-10, 15:40
After reading this thread I decided to bite the bullet and get an upgrade to HTC Wildfire. Can't wait to get it but just hope I can figure out how to use it!