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26-Aug-04, 14:10
I'd just like to say a big thanks to everyone who came down to The Yard on Tuesday night and helped make this thing go off with a bang. After finally dragging our vocalist and drummer from the venue at the end of the night, it was hard with the hospitality we were receiving, we did embark on the 556 miles home.(In the morning from Lybster) A round trip worth every mile. I can't thank you guys enough for the warm welcome you gave us and we were pleased with the turn out. We were impressed with Estrella who actually do a great job of classic 80's rock/metal. We grew up with that and I've seen alot of bands down here play similar numbers, that do not come up to Estrella's standard of showmanship and musicianship. I only hope Estrella try to plunge themselves further south to reach the wider audience they deserve. (I do have several photo's of Estrella that I will put on a blank page on our website in due course for them and others to see). I believe this is one event we will try to make an annual thing and we'll try to drag another band up with us next time and maybe get at night in Thurso too. Thanks again everyone!!!!

26-Aug-04, 17:22
cheers for all the support guys. It has given us a big boost for when we do plan to go of futher a field. I think i speak for everyone that was there, that having a band of your stature come up far north and blow us away with your rock' n tunes won't be forgot. And would look forward to it again if it's made annually.

Thanks Again


26-Aug-04, 22:13
I hope you guys do make it back up here again, and i'd like to believe that you have maybe started something good, it would be wicked if other professional bands from way down south made the journey up here to play, we've had Gun, Magnum, The Cranberries, Ten Benson etc play here over the years, but these gigs are few and far between, most bands forget that there are people who love live music that live further north than Glasgow/Edinburgh.

Me and my mates had an excellent night, and the Wick music scene has never seen anything like 'HHL' before, come back anytime lads.


PS...And next time bring 'Matricyde' with you if you can, i checked them out via the link on your site and they rock

27-Aug-04, 13:57
yeah thanks guys you rocked man! such a great change to see some top quality music bein played up here, especially from local talent too from the Estrella boys. there nothin better than hearin live music n tuesday was magic, if this was a regular thing id definately say that i for one would be there! :evil

28-Aug-04, 19:16
Ok, I said I took some pictures of Estrella Tuesday night. So as promised here they are. www.headhunglow.com/estrella.htm . Click the link and you will see that David Bailey I am not. Thanks again.

31-Aug-04, 19:18
Great pics man. Loved everyone of them. Cheers again