View Full Version : Does anyone remember Peggy Sue?

12-Dec-01, 13:40
Where did we all go? What did we do? Does anyone remember beach parties at Reiss c.1984 or 'Live Aid' at the Hanger? (I have vague memories) be nice to hear from anyone who still wants to. Wow, seems so long ago!

Take care,



13-Dec-01, 01:10
Sorry Charles, I don't think I remember any Charles' but I was a major protagonist at the Beach parties around 1984. I particulary remember volunteering (1st) for some "skinnydipping". After returning from my swim (alone) I was confronted by a cheering audience that had buried my clothes in the sand!. Trouble is......no one (in the dark drunken confusion) could remember where they had buried them! :roll:

I had to trek home that night with only a friends coat wrapped around my waist! [disgust]