View Full Version : Merlin versus the swede

05-Dec-10, 20:38
My fields are icy slopes at the moment, so I've been trying to keep Merlin amused in his field shelter / stable. Bought him a Likit, he was spectacularly unimpressed and ignored it completely. Half a swede, however...


I've got three whole ones now, no edges for him to get hold of, so should be hours of ear wiggling and face pulling for him :D

05-Dec-10, 20:46
Haha merlin - was looking for a funny picture to share with you here of Merlin but couldn't find it on my photobucket.

A had had him stay at mine a few winters ago and I had done a total clean out of all the bed and had taken Merlin and the others in while they were on holiday with all beds banked up to work with them . Merlin got fed up and pulled himself a snug bed and just had a wee lay down - looked so lovely!!

05-Dec-10, 22:39
Sounds like him - he likes an easy life! If you do find the photo I'd love to see it.

05-Dec-10, 23:34
Ha ha looks like great fun and what a wonderful way to keep Merlin occupied when he is confined.:D

06-Dec-10, 10:43
Ha, the whole neep has got him totally foxed - in 30 minutes he managed to get one small bite of it (and whacked me on the head with it three times as I was mucking out around him which he seemed to enjoy as a game!).

The Doctor
06-Dec-10, 19:35
I just love that video of Merlin - he is such a funny horse :lol:

08-Dec-10, 11:06
Merlin's owner has kindly emailed me a copy of the picture in question - it's a cracker, so thought I'd share!