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05-Dec-10, 10:30
Got this from Lovefilm last week as had never seen it and glad I did. Throughly enjoyable ans co-written by Luc Besson so always a good start. Well worth a watch.

05-Dec-10, 16:05
I watched it one night on Sky a couple of months back thinking that it sounded Ok but not brilliant but that it would pass the night.

I was delighted with the film. So much better than i expected... Well worth a watch :)

hardcore superstar
29-Jan-11, 14:53
totally agree. really good film. i watched it shortly before going on holiday to paris on my own ... possibly a mistake. although, i was quite looking forward to being rescued by Liam Neeson. however, my hopes and dreams were shattered by volcanic ash. Liam + i were obviously not meant to be ...

30-Jan-11, 09:39
I have watched taken a few times its really good film worth watching

25-Feb-11, 01:06
Liam Neeson is magic! Love his acting and i loved that movie. Might have to watch it again soon. :)

02-Mar-11, 14:31
its on chanel 4 or 5 this week.

02-Mar-11, 14:40
Saw it when it first came out Exelent film

03-Mar-11, 14:17
its on chanel 4 or 5 this week.

Saturday night, 9 o'clock on Channel 4.

06-Mar-11, 20:41
Well I watched it.....................

Completely disappointing, certainly wouldn't recommend it by any means !! [disgust]

Extremely basic.....ie -

Daughter is kidnapped...Father (after all the usual "same old, same old" fights and car chases !! ) finds her !

EH ?..........

06-Mar-11, 23:04
Liam is very good in it but the story is pretty basic. Ok for a look if your'e feeling dozy, and need an easy action film. I enjoyed it though.

07-Mar-11, 12:46
A waste of 89 minutes of my life that I will never get back again

21-Mar-11, 00:54
ive seen this movie a couple of times and thought it was pretty good. i heard on yahoo news that theyre making a sequel.

04-May-11, 08:51
I love this movie! I had also heard that they are making a sequel, may be interesting...