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02-Dec-10, 20:10
I am hoping that when the snow has gone that he will appear but if anyone is out the way of calder and sees a ginger and white cat running about could they let me know.
He has been missing for over a week now, but is a farm cat so its not unusual for him not to be seen for couple of days but this is the longest that i havent seen him. I am worried as its so cold that he wont be finding food for himself.

06-Dec-10, 14:40
awww fingers crossed he comes home x

06-Dec-10, 17:15
Any news....??

06-Dec-10, 17:36
Still nothing, been looking everywhere and watching to see if i can see any marks in the snow but nothing. Asked all the neighbours aswell :(

I raised him from when he was two weeks old so i have a good bond with him, strainge thats hes not at the door every morning waiting for me to let him in for his feed and a cuddle. Kids starting to ask why is he not here now :(

06-Dec-10, 19:08
Sorry to read this! Maybe he has been shut in somewhere, or stopped from getting out of a gap by the snow building up. Keeping my fingers crossed for his return. He sounds like a lovely cat and also sounds like he's a smart one as well. Wherever he is, I am sure he is sheltered and keeping warm.

06-Dec-10, 19:15
So very sorry that your lovely cat is missing and know, from experience, how awful that is.
Are their any neighbours who are on holiday? Just thought he might be stuck in a garage or shed.

Cats are amazing animals though and great survivors so, hopefully, he will turn up safe and well soon and give you a great Christmas present.

11-Dec-10, 11:55
STICKY arrived in the shed half hour ago meowing loudly at us. To say i am the happiest person alive at the moment is an understatement. He has been looking after himself in the feeding department. Just few beasties to take off him.

Thanks to everyone :)

11-Dec-10, 12:46
Great news! Another grey hair tho---for you not puss lol :)

11-Dec-10, 12:47
wow, what a long time he was away for
so happy for you and family he arrived home :)

11-Dec-10, 14:16
That is great news!!!!!


11-Dec-10, 18:06
Yes i have to say i was really thinking the worst, kids are running round Cat thinks he is in heaven ( have hidden the food now though) Just shows you how smart they are and that you should never give up on them. :)

13-Dec-10, 00:14
Am so chuffed youe wee cat came home safe i remeber years ago had a cat fluff went missing for 6 weeks and then turned up one day as large as life x