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02-Dec-10, 19:52
Just thought it worth a mention that with the frost well and truely here if you dont have any inhibiter / antifreeze in your heating system and are planning on going away and switching off your heating it would be worthwhile putting in Anti Freeze.
Any of the local plumbers will come and drain your system and supply the inhibiter or if doing it yourself any local Plumbers Merchant can sell you it in gallon drums.
I personally put Sentinel X500 in my system. I have 8 radiators and put 2 drums in my system. This stops it freezing well below Zero.
Cost was roughly 50 for the 2 drums which is a lot cheaper than a new ceiling.
I also put extra lagging on the pipes in my loft so hopefully I'm safe for the winter now :)

27-Oct-11, 10:38
Bump to the top :)
Winter is on way again

30-Oct-11, 15:24
Regarding adding Sentinel X500, As a benchmark the average system having 8 to 10 radiators: it is recommended that 20l of Sentinel X500 will provide the minimum concentration of corrosion whilst protecting from freezing down to -6 degrees. Therefore, you would ( to achieve this level of protection ) need to use 4.5 g of Sentinel. However, some protection is indeed better than none. :)