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02-Dec-10, 18:41
I thought I should add a new selection of photos of the kittens we adopted a good few months ago. They were advertised on here so I thought it might be nice for the people who trusted them with us to see how they are getting on. They are barn cats, but did spend the evenings with us in the house, well that was until their room in the barn got a heater and a couch and I havent seen them at the house since lol - I do go down and spend some time with them each night and Wilson, the tabby and white, was a feisty gal initially but has turned out to be the sweetest cat and a lovely nature. Koko the black and white loves his people to the point of being over powering ha ha but is wary of strangers. I never liked cats as most people, who know me, with cats can testify, but these two are responsible for turning me round



Both together


02-Dec-10, 18:43
They look absolutely gorgeous, if Wilson is anything like her brother Leo she will be the biggest sook on the planet [lol]

02-Dec-10, 19:26
What beautiful cats and so glad they've won you round Munron.:D

I wish all barn cats lived in such luxury!:lol:

02-Dec-10, 20:24
They are gorgeous! I love Wilson's markings especially :)

02-Dec-10, 22:30
Two really pretty cats who look very well done to indeed. Lovely.

03-Dec-10, 19:15
Thanks all for your kind words, I am rather pleased to be over my cat phobia, although it might be limited to these two - will have to see :)

Unicorn, Wilson isnt really a sooky cat (thats Kokos job) but she is just so nice natured and unassuming. She will follow you up the field and stand with you outside but she isnt one for sitting on your knee. When she comes in the house she generally takes herself behind the tv away from annoying people and koko :) I would love to hear if someone on here adopted kokos litter mate another black and white boy.