View Full Version : 'Metal' health in Wick

25-Aug-04, 00:18
Well done to 'Head Hung Low' for a crackin' night in The Yard tonight, i'll admit...i was sceptical, i have grown up with, and love heavy music, but even i thought that 'Head Hung Low' were too heavy for your average Caithnesian, it was nice to be proved wrong, some 'Killswitch Engage' style soaring chorus's would have taken 'Head Hung Low's' music to a new level, but thats just a personal taste, i like melody and brutal riffs.

'Head Hung Low' are awesome at what they do though, and are better than a hellva lot of bands that have...(and dont deserve).. major label recording contracts, you may not see them on Top Of The Pops, but i predict big things for HHL within the Metal loving community.

'Estrella' were awesome aswell, 80's rock is alive and well, and bursting out of a bunch of teenagers, they have remembered what a lot of bands and musicians have forgotten about these days......Music is all about 'Entertainment', and 'Estrella' seriously entertained me and my mates tonight........but next time you play!!.....i wanna hear some Dokken;)...and some Scorpions, Dio, Accept etc


25-Aug-04, 16:17
yeah im with you on that on Gizmo, last ngt was a laff.... breath of fresh air from the usual kinda thing we get up here, and estrella showed that we do have some top quality bands playing their own stuff up here......hows the legs after the mosh last ngt?! :-)