View Full Version : New Forum...

10-Aug-06, 18:51
whoa.. I just noticed! Should be a good addition to the forum!:D

22-Aug-06, 01:53
things are a wee bit slow in here and am looking forward to seeing more good recipes as I cook loads and am always looking for new stuff to try out... but, while I wait.. I've added a few of our family favourites.:D

22-Aug-06, 05:16
I have a feeling that we need to resurrect the fitness club thread to go along with trying out these fabulous sounding recipes.

Squidge, do you have anything out of that Joy of Cooking Book which you could recommend, without of course, breaking any copyright laws?

13-Sep-06, 16:25
i'm waiting to see if anyone is brave enough to commit to making my Semolina cake.... you really don't know what you're missing.:roll:

Maybe i'll just come north to visit Dad and invite you all round for coffee.

13-Sep-06, 17:02
hey this has prompted me into making it:D
Looking forward to trying it now, sure family will love it